Who We Are

Worldviews Internaitonal

Worldviews International is a non-profit ministry engaged in teaching and promoting the Christian Worldview in all of life through evangelism, apologetics, and the discipleship of professional, business, and marketplace leaders, growing them in the faith, and teaching them how to also make disciples of others: – WIN-BUILD-SEND (Matthew 28:18-20).

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster “spiritual multiplication” by equipping Christian leaders to make disciples (2 Timothy 2:2).

Our Vision

To influence Christians everywhere to surrender themselves to the Lordship of Christ and to apply the Christian Worldview to all of life - not only to the home, the family, and the church, but also to cultural and political issues, so that God will be glorified as His WILL may increasingly be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We also actively encourage believers to be involved in “the Cultural Mandate” (Gen. 1:28) acting as “salt and light” to apply the Christian Worldview to all of life. The ministry is based in Miami, Florida, but with international outreach, particularly to Germany.

Download a Complimentary Copy of

The Cultural Mandate

Download a complimentary copy of The Cultural Mandate Study from Worldviews International. This succinct five-day study guide is  full of practical resources on how to navigate complex cultural issues with a biblical worldview.

“My calling of mentoring and discipling young professionals gives me great joy and fulfillment. God has produced astonishing results in the lives of those discipled. These men make good husbands, fathers, and providers, and have become Christian leaders, sharing the Gospel and being “salt and light” to the community”.

Worldviews International

What We Do

Dave and Pauline Seivright are the founders of Worldviews International. Dave is a former lawyer from Jamaica who, after coming to Christ in 1972, studied under the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland, Dr. J.I. Packer, and Dr. John Stott in England. After coming to Miami in 1979, Dave planted a multi-cultural, multiracial, church before joining Executive Ministries and subsequently Cru City LeaderImpact Miami with James and Heidi Drake. Dave’s passion is one-on-one evangelism, apologetics, and discipleship; he has taught the Christian worldview worldwide. 


Worldviews International

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