Who We Are

Explore Foster Miami

The Explore Foster Miami Committee is made up of local ministry and marketplace leaders. We created this foster engagement report and information hub to guide how the church, organizations, and individuals can serve foster children and families while being a city-wide connector in the effort to make sure every child is loved and cared for.

Our Mission

Inspire, convene, educate, and serve our local church champions and community to be a bridge of support in our city!

Our Vision

Bringing together local churches and community organizations to create a thriving ecosystem of support surrounding foster care.


Families Served
Approximate number of Florida children removed from their homes every year.
Percentage of children in foster care suffer from chronic medical problems.
An estimated 70% have siblings, but all too often are separated.
Explore Foster Miami

What We Do

Foster parent, foster child, respite caregiver, licensing classes, wraparound care–these words may conjure confusion because foster care is still a mystery to many.


In Miami-Dade County, over 1,000 kids are removed from their homes and placed in the child welfare system each year.


Explore Foster Miami hopes to demystify the foster care system, so that anyone can step up and say “yes” to bringing support to a child and family.

“This is our calling–as believers–and as simply people, who have experienced God’s redemptive love. That there is a hope and future for every child, and every person– and it is my passion and purpose to bring light to the darkness, and hope to the hopeless.”

The Support to Flourish

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