Who We Are

FX3 Ministries

Most men are wining the superficial battles but losing the war for a genuinely fulfilling life. For decades men were told to chase distractions such as cars, money, sports, entertainment, and women to find fulfillment. In addition, today’s culture continues telling men they are disposable, unnecessary, and the root of society’s problems. This result of these corrosive lies has led to a worldwide growing crisis among men, loss of identity and purpose. The reality is that the world desperately needs godly men, warriors, to unite, protect, and uphold authentic manhood and the good it provides for their families and communities. This ambitious goal requires that men live out their lives as humble, wise, faithful, kind, courageous, self-disciplined, steadfast, good, gentle, and loving. Here we give men a straightforward, biblically-based approach and brotherhood to help men reach their full potential as godly leaders in their personal and professional lives.

Our Mission

To engage, equip and empower men to be devoted warriors for Christ.

Our Vision

To help churches worldwide establish a growing and thriving ministry to men in their churches.

FX3 Challenge

What We Do

FX3 is a brotherhood and transformative program to engage, equip, and empower men to be devoted warriors for Christ. We support men from all walks of life and all parts of the world, seeking to grow spiritually and serve selflessly alongside other brothers. We work with and in the local church to help you start, run, or grow a thriving ministry to men. We provide all the resources and guidance on starting this program and running the FX3 Program at no charge to you. We rely on donations to make this possible. Our goal is to help you connect and strengthen the men in your church to model biblical manhood through leadership, fellowship, bible study, serving, and evangelism.

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