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Carlos F. Peña
Executive Director

Founder and Executive Director of FX3 Ministries, Inc.
CEO of Led to Lead ®
President and CMO of Pumped®, Inc.

Carlos F. Peña is first and foremost a faithful follower of Christ and a devoted husband and father. Professionally he is a CEO, CMO, certified executive coach and business consultant, author, and entrepreneur for various companies he owns and operates. Over the years, Carlos has served in multiple leadership roles in business and ministry.

Witnessing how today’s culture continues telling men they are disposable, unnecessary, and the root of society’s problems, FX3 program creator and ministry founder, Carlos obediently followed his calling to dispel these corrosive lies and help men be the men God created them to be.

Carlos believes the world desperately needs godly men, warriors, to engage, protect, and uphold biblical manhood and the good it provides for their families and the world. This ambitious goal led to the development of the FX3 Program. The FX3 Program is a straightforward, biblically-based approach and brotherhood to help men reach their full potential as godly leaders in their personal and professional lives.

Taking his more than twenty years of successful experience in working with industry leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs, Carlos launched Led to Lead. Led to Lead is a faith-driven executive, leadership, and business coaching company helping high-capacity leaders and their teams fulfill their purpose and maximize their potential. Led to Lead helps leaders and influencers from all walks of life looking to get out of a rut, take their business to the next level, improve their leadership skills, heal personal relationships, find meaning, clarify their purpose, and more.

Founded almost twenty years ago, Pumped, Inc, a brand development and digital marketing firm, helps emerging and established companies build and enhance their business by developing brand growth and success through effective digital strategies and execution. The team ferociously works to produce memorable and measurable results for their customers. Over the years, they’ve worked with over 100 companies across 45 different industries to help develop some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Carlos considers it his life’s mission to help men discover and challenge them to be the men God made them to be.

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